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Technology & Governance

Governance and the Crypto Winter

By Daniel Ferreira. Crypto has a governance problem. This problem is in crypto's DNA and poses an existential threat to the whole project....

Technology & Governance

Voiceless at virtual shareholder meetings?

By Miriam Schwartz-Ziv....

Technology & Governance

Economic and Normative Implications of Algorithmic Credit Scoring

By Holli Sargeant. Despite the risk of harm that many experts in the field have identified, there is a clear opportunity to design ML. This will improve and optimise economic and normative outcomes....


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22 January 2023

How Much Do Investors Care About Social Responsibility?

Perhaps the most important corporate law debate over the last several years concerns whether directors and executives should manage the corporation to maximize value for investors, or also take into account the interests of other...

Scott Hirst | Kobi Kastiel | Tamar Kricheli‐Katz
20 January 2023

Do Individual Directors Matter? Evidence of Director-Specific Quality

We create a new measure called director-specific quality (DSQ) that captures the collection of value-relevant transferable attributes unique to a director and explains 10% of the variation in firm value. Directors with higher DSQ...

Dipesh Bhattarai | Matthew Serfling | Tracie Woidtke