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ECGI is a vast resource of publications, people, events, interviews, repositories, reports and more. It holds the largest archive collection of governance and stewardship codes in the world and provides open access to more than 2,000 academic papers by the best in their field. We welcome you to use this resource and to join as a member for additional benefits.

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Visit our publications section to find papers in our working paper series, codes in our archive, and the latest blogs, news, videos, books and more.


Visit our network section to find individuals, businesses, universities and other associations working in this field. Join our community, interact with others and post your activities or questions on our noticeboard.

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Find out what's happening near you by visiting our events section. ECGI research members are located in more than 28 countries and regularly host conferences and workshops both online and in-person. If you missed an event, you might be able to access recordings, presentations and papers on our website.


Would you like to learn more about 'Responsible Capitalism'? It's more than a catchy term. It's a movement to promote a better economic system that works for us all. And it's a project that our members' are passionate about which brings together a multitude of studies, events and interviews on the subject.

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