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Responsible Capitalism


In 2022, ECGI launched ‘Responsible Capitalism’ an ambitious new project that aims to ​answer key questions about the future of global capitalism.  

The initiative aims to foster an economic system that accommodates private ownership and the pursuit of market opportunities while achieving societal goals. 

The Responsible Capitalism project will create a vibrant, global, interdisciplinary hub examining the crucial interactions between corporations, finance, government and society. The project will engage and assist policy makers and other constituencies in interpreting research findings and to confront their thinking with the best available evidence. It will enable the different parties to understand what the academic evidence suggests and to draw practical conclusions and real world, adaptable solutions.

The inaugural phase of the project will feature three research programmes, 
Corporate Purpose | Responsible Investment | Family Enterprises 
which will each explore the tension between the beneficial outcomes of capitalism, and the unequal consequences which are not aligned with democratic societies and the future of the planet.

Browse our collection of Responsible Capitalism Videos below, including conference presentations and academic and practitioner interviews. 

Learn more about the Responsible Capitalism project. ​



Inaugural Responsible Capitalism Summit

Corporate Purpose

Responsible Investment

Family Enterprise

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