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The ECGI Fellowship Committee

ECGI elects new Fellows every two years. To learn more about becoming a Research Member or a Fellow visit this page.


Chair  | Appointed: 2002

Julian Franks

Professor of Finance
London Business School
Fellow, Research Member

Appointed: 2017

Ailsa Roell

Professor of International and Public Affairs
Columbia University
Fellow, Research Member

Appointed: 2002

Patrick Bolton

Professor of Finance and Economics
Imperial College London
Fellow, Research Member

Appointed: 2002

Mark Roe

David Berg Professor of Law
Harvard Law School
Fellow, Research Member

Eligibility (ECGI Statutes) (Article 6.8)

The Institute may, on the recommendation of its duly appointed Research Member Committee, bestow the honorific title of Fellow of the ECGI on individuals qualifying as Research Members considered by the Institute’s existing Fellows to have made outstanding contributions to corporate governance research, and exceptionally on other individuals who do not qualify for Research Membership but are deemed to have made outstanding contributions to the cause of corporate governance research. This title may be publicly cited by its holder but confers no other rights.

The Nomination and Election Process

The Fellowship Committee oversees the nomination of new Fellows as follows:

  • The Committee presents a group of eligible candidates for consideration.
  • All current Fellows are invited to suggest a maximum of four names for new Fellows. 
  • They may select names from the list provided or add others.
  • The collected nominations are then circulated for a second round of voting.
  • All current Fellows are then asked to nominate 6 from the second round shortlist by a certain date.
  • The Committee then selects the nominees that received the most votes. They have discretion over the number of appointments which in the past has been 5 each two years. The names are put forward to the ECGI Board for ratification.
  • Successful candidates are then invited by letter signed by the Committee Chair and the ECGI Chair to become an ECGI Fellow.
  • On acceptance, the new Fellows automatically become Research Members of the Institute if they are not already.
  • The names of the new Fellows are announced at the following General Assembly.


Queries relating to ECGI Fellowship should be directed to in the first instance.

diagram of ECGI governance structure

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