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The ECGI Law Editorial Board

The Law Editorial Board is responsible for the selection of the best paper in the series annually along with admitting papers from ECGI research members or those presented at ECGI events for inclusion in the ECGI - SSRN Working Paper Series. Visit the FAQ page for more information about how to submit papers to the Working Paper Series.


Editor | Appointed: 2016

Amir Licht

Professor of Law
Harry Radzyner Law School, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
Research Member

Appointed: 2019

Appointed: 2020

Hse-Yu Iris Chiu

Professor of Corporate Law and Financial Regulation
University College London - Faculty of Laws
Research Member

Appointed: 2023

Kathryn Judge

Harvey J. Goldschmid Professor of Law
Columbia Law School
Research Member

Appointed: 2020

Martin Gelter

Professor of Law
Fordham University School of Law
Research Member

Appointed: 2023


The Working Paper Editorial Boards are responsible for the selection of the prize for the best papers in each series annually. The methodology and timeline for this process is determined by the series editor in agreement with their respective boards and overseen by the ECGI secretariat.

Outside of this function, the editor may periodically consult their board on whether a paper is eligible or suitable for the ECGI working paper series. They must also obtain the agreement of another board member in order to accept a paper authored by the series editor.

General guidelines (see more here)

The WP series editors generally apply a broad definition of corporate governance and also include papers on the interface between corporate governance and other areas, or papers of which only a part touches on corporate governance. However, papers in other areas whose relevance for corporate governance is only indirect or methodological will not be included. Examples of papers that will be accepted include works:

  • covering topics of financial regulation that have an impact on how firms are, or should be, governed/managed/owned;
  • dealing with the financial crisis, when implications can be drawn on how financial institutions are, or should be, governed/managed/owned.

Examples of papers in other areas whose relevance for corporate governance is only indirect or methodological include:

  • contributions to banking and financial institutions that do not address governance issues;
  • macroeconomic discussions of the financial crisis, sovereign debt markets or related phenomena that do not explicitly address the governance of firms or financial intermediaries.

The ECGI Working Paper Series are intended for works in progress (i.e., not for already published pieces). The acid test for inclusion is whether the paper could be published in a scholarly journal. As such, the main focus is on research papers. Essays, longer surveys or handbook chapters will typically also be included. Comments, op-ed pieces, cases, or teaching notes will not be included. 


The Editorial Board will have a minumum of six members, with no maximum limit. The Board should aim to include a variety of representation geographically. The members will be invited from the ECGI network by the series editor. 

diagram of ECGI governance structure

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