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ECGI Terms of Use

Updated: 23 May 2018


General Description

The website of the European Corporate Governance Institute (the “ECGI”) is made of all sections and subsections hosted on “” (the “Website”).

By accessing the Website and the material and information contained herein, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, accepted and agreed to be bound by the following terms and conditions.


Please read these Terms and Conditions before using the Website. By using the Website, you acknowledge that you have accepted these Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, do not use the Website.

The ECGI has used its best endeavors to make sure that all the information, data and other material (copy and images) on the Website are accurate and complete.

The ECGI contributes to debates on the formulation of policy and development of best practice in corporate governance, on the basis of independent scientific research. It is not responsible for, nor does it screen or certify, the corporate governance policies or practices of its members.

The content and opinions of author(s) expressed in publications are the sole responsibility of the author(s), and do not engage the ECGI as an institution. The ECGI does not accept liability for any errors or omissions.

The Website may contain links and references to third party websites. These are provided for your information only. The ECGI accepts no responsibility or liability arising from access to, or for the material on, any site to which it is linked. In addition, the ECGI makes no warranty as to the accuracy and availability of content which are not under the domain.


Use of the Website & Intellectual Property Rights

All texts, software, graphics, photographs, sounds, videos, information, interactive features and any other site content and arrangement are owned by the ECGI or its licensors and are subject to copyright, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights.

The ECGI authorizes you the view and download the materials on the Website for your personal, non-commercial use, provided that you retain all rights contained in the original materials on any copies of the materials. You are prohibited to modify, reproduce or publicly display, perform, redistribute, use or transmit any information, data or other material contained in the Website for any public or commercial purpose and is strictly prohibited for any other purpose unless prior written authorization of the ECGI. As such, the use of the full-text of academic publications on the Website is subject to copyright law.

Material posted on the Website by third parties is copyrighted to those parties unless otherwise stated. If you breach any of these Terms, your authorization to use the Website automatically terminates and you will be held liable for all possible damages. In addition, you shall immediately destroy any downloaded or printed material.

No Liability and Indemnification

Neither the ECGI nor any party involved in the creation, production or delivering of the content on the Website shall be liable for any claims or direct, indirect, incidental or consequential loss of any nature arising directly or indirectly from use of the information, data or other material on the Website, nor for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage or any punitive damages arising out of or in connection to the use of the Website.

The Website is constantly being developed. The ECGI used its best endeavors to ensure that the information contained on the Website was accurate at the time of creation or modification. Users shall notify the ECGI of any errors or inaccuracies they may find whilst using the Website.

The ECGI uses its best endeavors to ensure that its IT infrastructure is free from viruses but accepts no liability for damage caused by viruses acquired via the Website. Users browse at their own risk.

It is ECGI policy to respond to notices of infringement of third parties' rights that comply with applicable laws by expeditiously removing unlawful content and terminating the account of repeat infringers.

Any user of the Website shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the ECGI, its partners, officers, directors, agents, affiliates, licensors and their suppliers from and against any claim or liability arising out of, or in connection with using the Website.

Spam & Address Grabbing

The automatic or manual collection of email addresses from the ECGI Website is strictly prohibited for any commercial use, including but not limited to resale or for the unsolicited sending of emails.


The ECGI may modify these Terms and Conditions at any time and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified terms. Please consult our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions systematically to ensure you are up to date with any of our practices concerning privacy and other important information.

Privacy Policy

Please consult our Privacy Policy available here to obtain more information on the protection of personal data and the use of cookies.

Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy shall all be governed and construed by the laws of Belgium. You agree that any legal action or proceeding in connection to, or arising out of the use of the Website between the ECGI and the user shall be brought exclusively before the Courts of Brussels (Belgium).


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