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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to improve corporate governance practices globally.

Our mission is to continuously improve corporate governance and stewardship practices globally by advancing our understanding through evidence-based research. 

Through rigorous research, thought leadership, and fostering dialogue among stakeholders, we strive to promote effective governance structures that enhance transparency, accountability, and sustainability in corporations. By collaborating with academics, policymakers, investors, and corporate leaders, we aim to shape the future of corporate governance, driving economic growth, investor confidence, and societal welfare.

Our Vision

Corporate governance lies at the heart of our capitalist systems.  It is the interface between capital markets and companies, between employees and executives, and between society and the corporate sector. It is the driver of what companies do, how they do it and the effects they have on others. In other words, it sits at the centre of the success and failure of our economic systems.

As such it warrants knowledge, research and insights of the best thinkers, practitioners and policymakers of our age. That is precisely what ECGI seeks to provide. It draws on the finest minds in academia from all over the world to tackle some of the most important issues that confront business and governments today. It uses the power of research to change ideas, influence practice and formulate policy to benefit all of us.

Corporate governance refers to the way in which private and public companies, enterprises, entrepreneurship and financial institutions are governed and run in relation to their purpose, values, ownership, representation, accountability, financing, investment, performance, leadership, direction, management, employment, law, regulation and taxation.  

The mission of ECGI is to assist the top academics in the field of corporate governance in bringing their research to the attention of leading practitioners, policymakers and thought leaders by making state of the art knowledge accessible and relevant to them. It promotes the development of new ideas through research that extends the boundaries of our understanding of how corporate governance contributes to the flourishing of business, economies and societies.  

ECGI is a pluralist organisation supporting many views which fuel discussion and debate. It performs a public good by making resources freely available and it fulfils a filter function, making it easier to find high quality research that can been cited with confidence. Supporting this work are many volunteers, sponsors and financial partners.

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