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ECGI Blog Review

Blog Review

The ECGI Blog focuses on selected themes with global interest throughout the year, showcasing some of the many global perspectives from academics, practitioners and policymakers on broad or narrow subjects relating to the theme.

The ECGI Blog Review is a magazine style compendium of the articles from each theme. We hope you enjoy reading the expert insights and perspectives. 

ECGI Blog Review: Responsible Capitalism

The first focus theme 'Responsible Capitalism', collected 46 articles from the ECGI network, highlighting various global perspectives from academics, practitioners, and policymakers on a wide range of subjects, broad and specific, related to the theme. 

blog review

ECGI Blog Review: Technology & Governance

Introducing the ECGI Blog Review Vol.2, featuring a collection of blog articles from the ‘Technology and Governance' theme, which delved into the critical questions and challenges at the intersection of technology and governance. 

The series was guest edited by Dan Awrey (Cornell Law School and an ECGI )

blog review

ECGI Blog Review: Governance and Climate Change

In this ECGI Blog series, we tackled one of the hottest topics in governance and industry; "Climate Change". This high-level collection of articles offers the latest insights and analyses on this crucial topic, helping to shape the discourse and action around climate governance. 

This series was guest edited by Harald Walkate (University of Zurich CSP) and Thom Wetzer (University of Oxford). 

Governance & Climate
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