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Research Members and Fellows

At the centre of ECGI's network are the research members and fellows who are appointed or elected by peer committees who recognise the high standard of their research. They can publish their work in the ECGI working paper series and are invited to participate in ECGI activities.

There are several categories of ECGI membership. While everyone is welcome to subscribe and join the network, only selected scholars are invited to become ECGI research members or fellows. There are two separate processes run by committees.  


Research Members

ECGI Research Members are appointed by a committee based on the quality of their research publications and contribution to the field of corporate governance. Once appointed, they have access to publish their research in the ECGI Working Paper Series. They are eligible to submit projects or conference proposals for support from ECGI. Examples of non-financial support include communications and conference website support. They are the guardians of ECGI's scientific independence and integrity. A majority of ECGI's board members must be Research Members and amendments to the Articles of Association must be approved by Research Members with a two-thirds majority.

Can anyone apply or do I need to be nominated?

Yes, anyone can apply to become a research member of ECGI. We also accept nominations from our research members, although they are not necessary to be considered. 

When can I apply?

ECGI accepts applications usually every two years. The process is announced to all ECGI subscribers, on our homepage, and social channels. It remains open for an extended period (typically two months) with the next anticipated process scheduled to begin in Summer 2024. Please mark your diary if you would like to apply.

Is there a benchmark that I need to meet?

There is no specific benchmark. However, the main criteria is that you must have a proven track record of research such that your work can be published in the ECGI working paper series without screening for quality. Track records are sometimes established through journal publications, books, citations, and other indicators of influence. Different measures are employed depending on whether the applicant is a law or finance scholar. It is also difficult for those at Assistant Professor level or lower to meet the criteria for publications.


ECGI awards the honorific title of Fellow of ECGI to individuals who have demonstrated scientific excellence or other outstanding achievements in the area of corporate governance and stewardship. The Fellows are elected by their peers and the process is overseen by the Fellowship Committee. 



What is the difference between a Fellow and a Research Member?

The ECGI Fellows are also Research Members. They are elected through a closed process by the other Fellows. The honour is bestowed on senior academics who have demonstrated scientific excellence or other outstanding achievements in the area of corporate governance and stewardship.

Can I apply to become a Fellow?

It is not possible to apply to become a Fellow of ECGI. Fellows are invited by the institute following an internal election. It is possible to apply to become a Research Member of ECGI (see details on this page). The Fellows are typically selected from the list of ECGI Research Members. 

Is it a requirement to be an ECGI Research Member before becoming a Fellow?

It is not a requirement to already be an ECGI Research Member, however, in practice the nominations put forward are by majority from this source.

Eligibility (ECGI Statutes)

Article 6.8 The Institute may, on the recommendation of its duly appointed Research Member Committee, bestow the honorific title of Fellow of the ECGI on individuals qualifying as Research Members considered by the Institute’s existing Fellows to have made outstanding contributions to corporate governance research, and exceptionally on other individuals who do not qualify for Research Membership but are deemed to have made outstanding contributions to the cause of corporate governance research. This title may be publicly cited by its holder but confers no other rights.

Research Member (Appointment) Committee

Jens Dammann

Professor in Law
The University of Texas School of Law
Research Member

Laura Field

Donald J. Puglisi Professor of Finance
University of Delaware
Research Member

Daniel Ferreira

Professor of Finance
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Fellow, Research Member

Fellowship Committee

Julian Franks

Professor of Finance
London Business School
Fellow, Research Member

Patrick Bolton

Professor of Finance and Economics
Imperial College London
Fellow, Research Member

Ailsa Roell

Professor of International and Public Affairs
Columbia University
Fellow, Research Member

Mark Roe

David Berg Professor of Law
Harvard Law School
Fellow, Research Member
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