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In contrast to other blogs which already collect and disseminate posts on new research papers in an effective manner, the ECGI Blog will focus on selected themes with global interest, seeking to identify audiences that may be underserved by other platforms. As a result, the Blog will primarily invite contributions from selected individuals from within and outside academia, based on their expertise, regional insight, and influence.

The Blog aims to produce a fortnightly newsletter (subscribe here), along with a quarterly roundup and/or special editions from time to time, depending on developments.

In addition to inviting individuals to contribute, we are also open to receiving unsolicited submissions in the following publication categories:

  • Academic pieces, which report on the results of new research in corporate governance and stewardship (up to 800 words*)
  • Opinion pieces, which advance a personal viewpoint on a current issue or debate in corporate governance and stewardship (up to 800 words*)
  • Topical pieces, which report on recent notable advancements, developments, and current events in Corporate Governance and stewardship (up to 800 words*)

* Word limit exceptions may apply at the Editors' discretion.

If the Editors would like to include your submission, or discuss edits, you will be contacted usually within 10 working days. If your submission is not selected, you will not be contacted.

Who can submit?

Submissions are welcome in priority from all ECGI Fellows and Research members, maintaining the high academic standards associated with ECGI. Further submissions will be accepted from other ECGI member categories and non-members with relevant expertise in corporate governance and stewardship. Submissions of strong current interest or that fit with the scheduled themes of the Blog may have priority. The themes are chosen at the discretion of the Editors and may or may not be disclosed in advance of Blog editions. Submissions from undergraduates are unfortunately not accepted.

Before submitting, please review the below Submissions Guidelines carefully along with the ECGI Blog FAQ section. It may also be useful to review the ECGI Blog Style Guide.


  • Please submit pieces that are well-researched and well-written and work as standalone pieces, even if they are part of, or summarise a larger work body.
  • Submissions should be the original work of the author. Co-authors should be included when the piece summarises a co-authored paper.
  • We accept submissions even if they have been previously published elsewhere (please provide us a link to the original publication), however priority will be given to unpublished articles
  • If previously published, we ask the authors to seek permission from the original publishers before reproducing content on our platform.
  • The ECGI Blog doesn't require exclusivity if one publishes there first. However, please ensure that the original article is referenced with a hyperlink in all subsequent publications.
  • Submissions should be in English.
  • Headlines should be kept brief, ideally no more than 10 words and/or less than 80 characters, grabbing a reader’s attention. Please ensure that the title clearly communicates the topic and conveys the piece’s essence to the reader.
  • The ECGI Blog does not accept pieces that come across as promotional or include appropriate citations. We ask our authors to disclose any financial / sponsorship relationships they have with companies or organisations cited in the proposed article.
  • Any conflict of interest should be indicated in the piece itself or the submission details.
  • Submissions should not contain content that could be deemed offensive, abusive, disrespectful, or potentially defamatory.


  • We encourage the use of hyperlinks in your text to guide readers to online sources (as appropriate), particularly in contentious statements. It is recommended that no more than ten hyperlinks per piece be included.
  • If you are citing an external source that is not accessible online, please make sure that your references are in the American Psychological Association (APA) format and brackets or parentheses. Please visit the for more information.
  • We ask our authors to avoid using footnotes; instead, insert the content directly into the document, preferably with Hyperlinks.

Additional Guidelines

  • The ECGI Blog uses inclusive language that acknowledges diversity, conveys respect to all people, is sensitive to differences, and promotes equal opportunities. Content submitted should make no assumptions about any reader's beliefs or commitments; except for academic findings on the topic of diversity, should not contain derogatory phrases or statements on the grounds of age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, disability, or health condition; and use inclusive language throughout.
  • To obtain a sense of what kind of subjects are welcome, please review the ECGI Blog page for a list of suggested themes. Contributors may also review the Topics section on the ECGI website.
  • The Editors of the ECGI Blog have full discretion in deciding whether to approve a submission for publication.
  • These guidelines are intended as a reference point to help define the relevant vocabulary but are not exhaustive or definitive.
  • In the absence of an ECGI profile URL (member page), it is recommended that authors include a short biography (100 words max). It should include full name, institutional affiliation, and role, and your work's nature/focus should be included in the biography. We also ask that you provide us with a link to your LinkedIn page and/or professional website, as well as any pertinent social media handles (if possible) where readers can follow up with you for any extra information.
  • Readers and contributors should be familiar with ECGI's Privacy Policy.

Contributor’s agreement

In making a submission to the ECGI Blog, the contributor:

  • warrants that the piece is their original work, and that there is no impediment to its publication on the ECGI Blog;
  • consents to the publication of the submitted piece on the ECGI website and in other ECGI publications, provided that they are fully acknowledged as author;
  • agrees that ECGI can use and store personal data provided by the author for the purposes of the ECGI Blog before and after the publication of the author’s post; this includes that ECGI can publish the author’s name, position, and affiliation next to the blog post and also when cross-posting the Blog publication via our Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or similar media; and
  • consents to purely editorial changes and accepts that the editors have discretion in the choice of the blog post title.

How and Where to Send Submissions

Please complete the online submissions form.

How to subscribe to the ECGI Blog

It is possible to subscribe to the ECGI Blog by indicating your preferences on the ECGI mailing list.


If you are already subscribed to receive ECGI Communications, you can update your preferences to receive the Blog newsletter by clicking on the 'update preference' link in all regular ECGI communications or by sending an email to

The ECGI Blog Team

The ECGI Blog Team includes an Editor-in-Chief, two Associate Editors, an Editorial Board, and an Advisory Board. To view the list of team members please visit:



All questions should be directed to and your email will be forwarded to the appropriate team member.

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