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The ECGI Annual Wallenberg Lecture

Since 2006, the ECGI has organised a yearly lecture at the time of its Annual General Assembly.  These lectures, given by prominent scholars, are open to the public and address a topical governance issue. On some occasions, a debate has taken place instead of a lecture.

In 2020, the lecture was renamed 'The Wallenberg Lecture' in recognition of the support from The Wallenberg Foundations, by affiliation with ECGI's patron member, Investor AB.

The Wallenberg Foundations is the collective name for the public and private foundations formed by the Wallenberg family or established in memory of family members.

In 2023, the opening speech for the Wallenberg Lecture was delivered by Peter Wallenberg, Chair of the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation and Wallenberg Foundations AB.

Past Lectures


Zurich in 2006, ECGI Fellow, René Stulz, Everett D. Reese Chair of Banking and Monetary Economics, The Ohio State University on the theme of Corporate Governance and Behavioural Finance.


Frankfurt in 2007, ECGI Fellow, Bernard Black, Chabraja Professor, Northwestern University Law School and Kellogg School of Management Law School on the theme of The New Vote Buying


Barcelona in 2008, ECGI Fellow, Luigi Zingales, Robert C. McCormack Professor Entrepreneurship & Finance, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business on the theme of Board Elections : Is Italy a Model for the Rest of Us?


Paris in 2009, ECGI Fellow, Franklin Allen, Nippon Life Professor of Finance and Economics at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania on the theme of Corporate governance and the current crisis


Luxembourg in 2010, ECGI Fellow, Patrick Bolton, Barbara and David Zalaznick Professor of Business, Columbia Business School on the theme of Rewarding Illusory Alpha: Governance and the Crisis


Amsterdam in 2011, ECGI Fellow, Colin Mayer, Peter Moores Dean and Professor of Management Studies at the Said Business School, University of Oxford on the theme of Governance and Regulation in Crisis: Addressing the Next One


Stockholm in 2012, ECGI Fellow, Marco Pagano, Professor of Economics, Facoltà di Economia at the Università di Napoli Federico II on the theme of Market Transparency and Company Disclosure



Brussels in 2014, ECGI Fellow, Professor Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden, Rector and Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Mannheim and ECGI Fellow on the theme of How good is bad corporate governance?


Oslo in 2015, ECGI Fellow, Professor Julian Franks, Professor of Finance at the London Business School, on the theme of The Privatization of Bankruptcy: Evidence from the Shipping Industry. 


London in 2016, ECGI Fellow, Professor Francesca Cornelli, Professor of Finance and Director of Private Equity, London Business School on the theme of “Are CEO’s Fired for Bad Luck?”


Lausanne in 2017, ECGI Fellow,  Professor Per Strömberg, SSE Centennial Professor of Finance and Private Equity at the Stockholm School of Economics, on the theme of "Since you're so rich, you must be really smart: Talent and the Finance Wage Premium"


Berlin in 2018, ECGI Fellow, Professor Antoinette Schoar, Michael M. Koerner (49’) Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance, at ESMT Berlin on the theme of: "Is Big Data a Challenge for Boards?"


Barcelona in 2019, ECGI Fellow, Professor Paola Sapienza, Professor of Finance at Kellogg School of Management on the theme of: “The Economics of Firm Culture”


Stockholm (Online) in 2020, ECGI Fellow, Professor Oliver Hart, Nobel Laureate and Lewis P. and Linda L. Geyser University Professor, Harvard University on the theme of: "The Relative Effectiveness of Exit and Voice Strategies"


Online in 2021, ECGI Fellow, Professor Roberta Romano, Sterling Professor of Law, Yale University and ECGI on the theme of “The Iron Law of Financial Regulation” 



Milan in 2022, ECGI  Research Member, Professor Laura Starks, Charles E. and Sarah M. Seay Regents Chair of Finance, Chairman of the Department of Finance, and Director of the AIM Investment Center in the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, on the theme of: "Corporate Governance, Institutional Investors and Climate Risk"


Copenhagen in 2023, ECGI Fellow, Professor Lucian Bebchuk, James Barr Ames Professor of Law, Economics, and Finance, Harvard Law School, on the theme of: "Three Conceptions of Capitalism"

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