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Jennifer Hill is the Bob Baxt AO Chair in Corporate and Commercial Law at Monash University. She has held visiting teaching and research positions at various international law schools, including Cornell University; Duke University; NYU Law School; University of Virginia, University of Texas, and Vanderbilt University. Jennifer is a member of ECGI's Research Committee, chairs the ECGI Research Member Engagement Committee, and is a Research Fellow of the British Academy’s Future of the Corporation project. 


Jennifer writes widely in the areas of corporate law and comparative corporate governance. Her recent scholarship covers areas, such as shareholder power and activism, stewardship codes, corporate culture, directors' duties, enforcement and executive pay, Her recent papers include:- 


  • “The Conundrum of Common Ownership” (Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, forthcoming 2020).
  • - “Regulatory Cooperation in Securities Market Regulation: The Australian Experience”, 17 European Company and Financial Law Review (ECFR) 11-34 (2020).


  • - “Stewardship and Collective Action: The Australian Experience” (with Dr Tim Bowley) in Global Shareholder Stewardship: Complexities, Challenges and Possibilities (Cambridge University Press, UK: Dionysia Katelouzou and Dan W. Puchniak, eds., forthcoming 2020).

  • “Corporations, Directors’ Duties and the Public/Private Divide” in Firm Governance: The Anatomy of Fiduciary Obligations in Business (Cambridge University Press, UK: Arthur Laby and Jacob Russell, eds., forthcoming 2020).
  • - “Shifting Contours of Directors’ Fiduciary Duties and Norms in Comparative Corporate Governance”, 5 UC Irvine Journal of International, Transnational, and Comparative Law 139-157 (2020).

- "The Trajectory of American Corporate Governance: Shareholder Empowerment and Private Ordering Combat” [2019] University of Illinois Law Review 507-562.


"Good Activist/Bad Activist:The Role of International Stewardship Codes", 41 Seattle U. L. Rev. 497 (2018).


- “Corporate Governance in Australia” in Aronson and Kim (eds), Corporate Governance in Asia (forthcoming 2018, Cambridge University Press).


- “Directors’ Duties and Legal Safe Harbours: A Comparative Analysis” (with M. Conaglen), in Smith and Gold (eds), Research Handbook on Fiduciary Law (forthcoming 2018, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd).




Current Projects

- "Who Do you Sue?" (project with Dr Olivia Dixon) (Monash University Networks of Excellence project on "Enhancing Corporate Accountability")..

- "Stewardship and ESG" (project with Dr Tim Bowley (Bucerius Law School conference and book project on CSR/ESG, organised by Prof. Dr Thilo Kuntz).

- Chapter for project on "Hidden Fallacies in Corporate Law and Financial Regulation" (Alexandra Andhov and Saule Omarova).

Research Interests

Corporate law, Corporate theory, Corporate governance, Comparative corporate governance, Executive remuneration, Corporate crime, Directors' Duties, Enforcement, US corporate law

Working Papers




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