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This code was produced by: Charity Governance Code Steering Group

It is the aim of this Code to help charities and their trustees develop these high standards of governance. As a sector, we owe it to our beneficiaries, stakeholders and supporters to demonstrate exemplary leadership and governance. This Code is a practical tool to help trustees achieve this.
The Code is not a legal or regulatory requirement. It draws upon, but is fundamentally different to, the Charity Commission’s guidance. Instead, the Code sets the principles and recommended practice for good governance and is deliberately aspirational: some elements of the Code will be a stretch for many charities to achieve. This is intentional: we want the Code to be a tool for continuous improvement towards the highest standards.
This Code has been developed by a steering group, with the help of over 200 charities, individuals and related organisations. We would like to thank everyone who has given comments and assistance during the consultation. Development of the Code would not have been possible without The Clothworkers’ Company or the Barrow Cadbury Trust, whom we thank for their support.

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