The Eco Gender Gap in Boardrooms

The Eco Gender Gap in Boardrooms

Po-Hsuan Hsu, Kai Li, Yihui Pan

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December 12 2022

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October 16 2023
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  • female directors; boards; corporate environmental performance; pollution prevention; emissions; board gender quota

Using firm- and facility-level measures from 2002 to 2021, we show that having female directors leads to more environmental-friendly business operations. To establish the causal effect, we resort to plausibly exogenous variations in the share of female directors and a California law change.

We show that neither board qualifications nor standard diversity measures supersede the share of female directors in explaining corporate environmental performance, suggesting that director gender is likely a holistic measure of female directors’ values and perspectives, and that female directors contribute to diversity of thought. Our findings highlight positive externalities among firms’ environmental, social, and governance engagement.


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Po-Hsuan Hsu
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UBC Sauder School of Business
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Yihui Pan