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Following his recent ECGI Conversations interview with Michal Barzuza (Professor of Law at the University of Virginia), Tom Gosling spoke with Michal earlier today to get her immediate reaction to the Tesla vote at yesterday's shareholder meeting. They discuss:

  • The legal status of the ratification of Elon Musk's pay award 
  • What the vote means for any appeal against the voiding of the award by the Delaware Chancery Court in January 
  • The implications of the redomicile of Tesla to Texas
  • Whether this portends a wider trend of incorporations out of Delaware

This commentary video follows Tom's interview with Michal earlier this week, where they discuss her recent paper, "Nevada v. Delaware: The New Market for Corporate Law", comparing Nevada and Delaware corporate law.

Watch the full interview here.

ECGI Conversations is an interview series that uncovers valuable insights and perspectives from cutting-edge academic research. Hosted by ECGI Executive Fellow, Dr. Tom Gosling, this series delivers engaging discussions with the leading experts in the field. For more interviews in this series, visit this page

The ECGI Conversation Series is part of the Responsible Capitalism initiative. 


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