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Research membership

This category of membership is open to all academics but admittance is through a detailed application process which is open every two years. Research members are appointed on the basis of their academic work by a special committee.

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ECGI is a global interdisciplinary academic network. The Research Members are the guardians of ECGI's academic integrity. They have a majority on all boards and committees, and they produce high quality research and events which are disseminated through the ECGI network.

When is the next possible opportunity to apply to become an ECGI Research member?

ECGI will next be accepting applications for research memberships in the summer 2024. This will be announced through the ECGI mailing list and on the ECGI website. Click here to subscribe to the ECGI mailing list. 

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply to become a research member of ECGI, however there is a high bar for admittance. At a minimum, applicants should be producing research on corporate governance related topics and have a solid record of quality papers and publications.

Do I need to be nominated?

No, anyone can apply without being nominated. ECGI seeks nominations from our existing research members to help identify those conducting quality research and to ensure that they apply to become a research member. Individuals who are nominated will be contacted with a request to submit an application. Soliciting multiple nominations is generally discouraged but will not count against applicants.

What are the main reasons for non-admittance?

Some common reasons for non-admittance include:

  • Insufficient focus on corporate governance topics, broadly defined.
  • High calibre early stage scholars without an adequate record.

The assessment criteria differs between law and finance scholars. For example, journal publications and citations are less relevant for law scholars.

The decision of the Appointments Committee is final and they do not provide feedback or reasons for decline.

Research Membership

No charge*

The benefits include:

  • Eligibility to publish in the ECGI working paper series.
  • Use of the ECGI affiliation for professional accreditation.
  • Speaking opportunities at ECGI events.
  • Participation on ECGI boards and committees with fellow members.
  • Promotion of research activities through ECGI channels (newsletters, interviews, social media etc.)
  • An individual professional listing in the ECGI membership directory.
  • Registration for public and members-only email communications.
  • Free attendance at the ECGI Annual Conference and Dinner.
  • Networking opportunities and access to leading academics.
  • Access to the ECGI Community platform and noticeboard.
  • Free access to events when applicable.

*Research Members are encouraged to sign up their universities as Academic Institutional Members to support our ongoing work. 

Other membership options 

Our community of research members

  • Jonathan Karpoff

    Professor of Finance and the Washington Mutual Endowed Chair in Innovation.
    University of Washington
    Research Member
  • David Kershaw

    Dean and Professor of Law
    LSE Law School, London School of Economics
    Research Member
  • Woojin Kim

    Professor of Finance
    Seoul National University Business School
    Research Member
  • Kon Sik Kim

    Emeritus Professor
    Seoul National University School of Law
    Research Member
  • Woochan Kim

    Professor of Finance
    Korea University Business School
    Research Member
  • Michael Klausner

    Nancy and Charles Munger Professor of Business and Professor of Law
    Stanford Law School
    Research Member
  • April Klein

    Professor and KPMG Faculty Fellow
    New York University
    Research Member
  • Yrjö Koskinen

    Professor of Finance
    Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary
    Research Member
  • Reinier Kraakman

    Ezra Ripley Thayer Professor of Law
    Harvard Law School
    Fellow, Research Member
  • Jan Pieter Krahnen

    Professor of Finance
    Center for Financial Studies (CFS), Leibniz Institute SAFE, Goethe University Frankfurt
    Research Member
  • Philipp Krueger

    Associate Professor of Finance
    University of Geneva & Swiss Finance Institute
    Research Member
  • Luc Laeven

    Director-General, Directorate General Research
    Research European Central Bank
    Research Member
  • Luh Luh Lan

    Associate Professor
    National University of Singapore
    Research Member
  • David Larcker

    James Irvin Miller Professor of Accounting
    Stanford Graduate School of Business
    Research Member
  • Beni Lauterbach

    The Raymond Ackerman Family Chair Professor in Israeli Corporate Governance
    Bar Ilan University, School of Business Administration
    Research Member
  • Christian Laux

    Professor in Finance
    Vienna University of Economics and Business
    Research Member
  • Samuel Lee

    Associate Professor of Finance
    Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University
    Research Member
  • Ugur Lel

    Associate Professor of Finance, Nalley Distinguished Chair
    University of Georgia
    Research Member
  • Josh Lerner

    Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking
    Harvard Business School
    Fellow, Research Member
  • Christian Leuz

    Charles F. Pohl Distinguished Service Professor of Accounting and Finance
    The University of Chicago - Booth School of Business
    Fellow, Research Member
  • Doron Levit

    Marion B. Ingersoll Professor of Finance
    University of Washington
    Research Member
  • Kai Li

    Canada Research Chair in Corporate Governance, W.M. Young Professor of Finance, Professor
    UBC Sauder School of Business
    Research Member
  • Xi Li

    Associate Professor
    London School of Economics and Political Science
    Research Member
  • Hao Liang

    Associate Professor of Finance; DBS Sustainability Fellow
    Singapore Management University, Lee Kong Chian School of Business
    Research Member
  • Amir Licht

    Professor of Law
    Harry Radzyner Law School, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
    Research Member
  • Lin Lin

    Associate Professor
    National University of Singapore
    Research Member
  • Tingting Liu

    Associate Professor of Finance
    Iowa State University
    Research Member
  • Alexander Ljungqvist

    Stefan Persson Family Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance
    Stockholm School of Economics
    Research Member
  • Claudio Loderer

    Professor of Finance
    Institut für Finanzmanagement, Universität Bern
    Research Member
  • Stefano Lombardo

    Associate Professor of Economic Law
    Free University of Bolzano
    Research Member
  • Michelle Lowry

    TD Bank Professor of Finance; Academic Director of Gupta Governance Institute
    Drexel University
    Research Member
  • Jonathan Macey

    Sam Harris Professor of Corporate Law, Securities Law and Corporate Finance
    Yale Law School
    Research Member
  • Nadya Malenko

    Professor of Finance and Wargo Family Faculty Fellow
    Boston College, Carroll School of Management
    Research Member
  • Andrey Malenko

    Professor of Finance
    Boston College, Carroll School of Management
    Research Member
  • Ronald Masulis

    Scientia Professor in Finance
    UNSW School of Business, University of New South Wales
    Research Member
  • Pedro Matos

    James A. & Stacy Cooper Bicentennial Professor of Business Administration (Finance)
    Darden School of Business, University of Virginia
    Research Member
  • Ernst Maug

    Professor of Corporate Finance
    University of Mannheim Business School
    Research Member
  • Colin Mayer

    Emeritus Professor of Management Studies
    Blavatnik School of Government and Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
    Fellow, Research Member
  • Joseph McCahery

    Professor of International Economic Law and Professor of Financial Market Regulation
    Tilburg University Faculty of Law and Tilburg Law and Economics Center
    Research Member
  • Antonio Mello

    Aschenbrener Fellow and Associate Professor of Finance
    University of Wisconsin - Madison - School of Business
    Research Member
  • Hanno Merkt

    Instituts für Ausländisches und Internationales Privatrecht, University of Freiburg
    Research Member

ECGI is a vibrant network of governance experts. Listen to what some of them say about being part of the ECGI community.

How can I apply to become a member?

You can apply directly here using our easy application form. If you would like more information about the categories of membership and associated benefits, you can visit our becoming a member page.

Do I need to be nominated to become a member?

No. It is possible to apply for each category without being nominated. However, there is a difference between academic membership and research membership. You can sign up for academic membership today, but applications for research membership are only received every two years. Learn more about the differences in membership categories here.

How can I reinstate my lapsed membership?

We are happy to help you to reactivate your membership. Please send a request by email to

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