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While not a category of membership, this option allows those with more tangential interest in governance topics and ECGI activities to receive selected communications without any cost.

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For those undecided about joining as a member of ECGI, we invite you to subscribe to our mailing list. This is a great way to learn more about the range of ECGI topics and activities. When you are ready to consider joining as a member, we will be waiting to welcome you!


No charge

The benefits include:

  • Registration for public email communications.
  • Free access to some events.

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ECGI is a vibrant network of governance experts. Listen to what some of them say about being part of the ECGI community.

How can I apply to become a member?

You can apply directly here using our easy application form. If you would like more information about the categories of membership and associated benefits, you can visit our becoming a member page.

Do I need to be nominated to become a member?

No. It is possible to apply for each category without being nominated. However, there is a difference between academic membership and research membership. You can sign up for academic membership today, but applications for research membership are only received every two years. Learn more about the differences in membership categories here.

How can I reinstate my lapsed membership?

We are happy to help you to reactivate your membership. Please send a request by email to

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