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ECGI is delighted to announce the appointment of 17 new Research Members to add to its distinguished ranks. The new Research Members, who are drawn from academia in Europe, North America and Asia were admitted on the quality of their academic work in the field of corporate governance and stewardship. The committee responsible for the selection is currently chaired by Professor Per Strömberg, SSE Centennial Professor of Finance and Private Equity at the Stockholm School of Economics. Also on the committee are Professor Laura Starks, Seay Regents Chair of Finance, McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin; and Professor Marcel Kahan, George T. Lowy Professor of Law, New York University School of Law.

The new Research Members, listed below, will be eligible to publish their academic work on corporate governance and stewardship in the ECGI Working Paper Series (Law and Finance). The series is known for its reliable content, global outlook, and interdisciplinary nature. It is used by scholars, practitioners and policymakers alike to help shape informed views and debates on a wide range of global topics. A list of all ECGI Research Members is available here.

The membership structure of ECGI includes both institutions and individuals on a subscription basis, however only Research Members are entitled to distribute their work to the network. A further tier is the honorific title of Fellow. Fellows are elected by the existing Fellows. ECGI currently elects five Fellows every two years. Previously appointed Fellows include Nobel Laureates Jean Tirole, Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström.

Speaking about the new appointments, Professor Per Strömberg, said “ECGI has a long established network of leading academics from around the world. With these latest appointments, ECGI is strengthening that network by appointing scholars with exceptional records who continue to produce interesting and quality work on corporate governance and stewardship. I look forward to seeing the new Research Members’ contribution to the continued success of ECGI.”

The research work of ECGI Research Members, relating to corporate governance and stewardship, is published in the ECGI working Paper Series which is accessible here.


ECGI Research Member Appointments  - April 2019:

PhilippeAghionProfessor of EconomicsLondon School of Economics and College de France/users/philippe-aghion
JenniferArlenProfessorNew York University Law/users/jennifer-arlen
RaminBaghaiAssociate Professor of FinanceStockholm School of Economics/users/ramin-baghai
MichalBarzuzaProfessorVirginial School of Law/users/michal-barzuza
AlmaCohenProfessor of Empirical PracticeHarvard Law School and Tel Aviv University/users/alma-cohen
Robert M. DainesPritzker Professor of Law and Business, Associate Dean, and Senior FacultyRock Center on Corporate Governance at Stanford/users/robert-daines
IsilErelDavid A. Rismiller Chair in FinanceOhio State University/users/isil-erel
Nuno FernandesProfessor of FinanceCatólica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, Universidade Católica Portuguesa/users/nuno-fernandes
Sang YopKangProfessor (Full, Tenured)Peking University/users/sang-yop-kang
Kon SikKimProfessor of LawSeoul National University School of Law/users/kon-sik-kim
NadyaMalenkoAssociate Professor of FinanceBoston College/users/nadya-malenko
BorisNikolovProfessor of FinanceUniversity of Lausanne/users/boris-nikolov
ØyvindNorliProfessor of FinanceBI Norwegian Business School/users/oyvind-norli
FrederikSchlingemannProfessor of Finance and H. R. & Betty Young Faculty Fellow in FinanceUniversity of Pittsburgh/users/frederik-schlingemann-0
StevenSolomonProfessorUniversity of California, Berkeley/users/steven-davidoff-solomon
OliverSpaltProfessor of FinanceTilburg University/users/oliver-spalt
FeiXieAssociate Professor of Finance & Iannaccone Faculty FellowUniversity of Delaware/users/fei-xie

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