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George Dallas shares his key take-aways from his panel on Corporate Purpose, Finance and Investment at the 'MODERN CAPITALISM AND CORPORATE PURPOSE' 3-day event, held in Copenhagen in September 2023.

Moderater Views: Summary Videos

Prof. Jordi Canals shares his key take-aways from his panel on Leading, Managing and Governing Corporate Purpose 

Prof. Jennifer Hill shares her key take-aways from her panel on Corporate Law, Regulation, ESG and Purpose.

Profs. Steen Thomsen and Colin Mayer share their thoughts and key take-aways from the Corporate Purpose and Modern Capitalism Conference.

To view the ECGI Blog Corporate Purpose Special Issue, which features links to all conference recordings and articles from our esteemed conference participants, click here.

The 'Corporate Purpose' pillar is part of the Responsible Capitalism initiative. Learn more.

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