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Dr Tom Gosling interviews Prof. Luca Enriques, (University of Oxford and ECGI)  about his paper, "Mandatory Corporate Climate Disclosures: Now, but How?

Find out Luca’s thoughts on these key issues:

·         Corporate climate change disclosures

·         Principles for effective regulations

·         Standardized stress tests

·         Mandates of central banks

·         Differences between US & European proposals

ECGI Conversations is a new interview series to discover insights, ideas and perspectives from the latest academic research, hosted by ECGI Executive Fellow, Dr. Tom Gosling.

Interviews will be shared with ECGI subscribers regularly and all interviews will be featured on the ECGI website.
The ECGI Conversation Series is part of the Responsible Capitalism initiative.

We hope you enjoy the conversation. 

For more interviews in this series, visit this page. 

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