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Oren was born in Israel, and did all his academic training at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with a BA degree in Economics and Philosophy and MA and PhD in Economics. In the past, Oren held academic positions at the Hebrew University, Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He also held visiting positions at MIT (post doc.), U-Penn and CEMFI (Madrid) and the London Business School.

Oren was trained as a macro economist, but has moved gradually, to financial economics. His research focuses on financial crisis, financial constraints and the business cycle, economic analysis of insolvency law, cross-border insolvency, sovereign debt and exchange-rate volatility and, recently, Fintech.

Oren considers the following to be his better publications:

  • “Endogenous Cycles in a Stiglitz Weiss Economy,” (jointly  with Javier Suarez), JET, 1997.
  • “Financial innovations and corporate bankruptcy,” (joint with Julian Franks), JFI, 2005, got the Most Significant Paper of the Year prize.
  • “Sovereign Debt without Default Penalties,” (jointly with Alexander Guembel), REStud, 2009.
  • “The Pecking Order of Segmentation and Liquidity-Injection Policies in a Model of Contagious Crises” (jointly with Alexander Guembel), forthcoming REStud.

Research Interests

Macro Finance, Insolvency Law, Fintech

Working Papers

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