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Mr. Daems is Chair of the Board of ECGI since September 2021.

Mr. Daems is the former Chair of the Board of BNP Paribas Fortis (2009 - 2022). He is emeritus professor at the Faculty of Economics and Management of K.U. Leuven and former Chair of the Board of Governors at KU Leuven (2012 - 2020). He has chaired the Belgian Corporate Governance Committee, which sets the governance code for boards of listed companies in Belgium. Mr. Daems was a member of the executive committee of the VBO/FEB, the Belgian employers association and holds several board positions. He received the hereditary title of Baron from his Majesty the King of Belgium in April 2014. His academic work focused on managerial hierarchies, business groups, the rise of the modern industrial enterprise in a comparative perspective and corporate strategy. He was a visiting professor at the Harvard Business School, UCLA, UC Davis, Groningen and IESE in Barcelona and held twice a Fullbright Fellowship.


Theoretical Physics and Economics at KU Leuven

PhD in Economics at KU Leuven

Fellow of the National Science Foundation (Belgium), the German Marshall Fund, the Ford Foundation and NATO Harvard Business School


Insights from the Boardroom: Herman Daems on Corporate Governance, 24 Feb. 2020

Former Director at Belgacom, Telenet, Glaverbel-Asahi.

Chairman of IPEV (2006-2012)

Chairman of Barco (1999-2014)

Chairman of EVCA (2004-2005)

Chairman of GIMV (1999-2011)

Professorship in Strategic Management at KU Leuven

Director of the Cabinet to the Flemish Minister of Economics and Media (1995-1998)

Partner with a Member firm of the Boston Consulting Group (1990-1993)

Visiting Professor at the Harvard Business School (1987-1990)




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