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Edward Rock’s main areas of teaching and research are corporate law and corporate governance. He has written about the role of institutional investors and hedge funds in corporate governance, poison pills, politics and corporate law, corporate voting, proxy access, corporate federalism, and mergers and acquisitions, among other things. In addition to teaching and research, Rock is the director of NYU Law School’s Institute for Corporate Governance & Finance. He is also the Reporter for the American Law Institute’s Restatement of the Law, Corporate Governance, which was launched in January 2019.  He spent the first part of his teaching career at the University of Pennsylvania where he served as Co-Director of the Institute for Law and Economics (1998-2010), as Associate Dean (2006-08), and as Senior Advisor to the President and Provost and Director of Open Course Initiatives (2012-15). He was a visiting professor at NYU in fall 2011 and has also visited at Columbia, and Hebrew University, where he was a Fulbright Senior Scholar. 

Research Interests

corporate law.

Working Papers



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