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The COVID-19 Crisis and Its Aftermath: Corporate Governance Implications and Policy Challenges (24-hour global webinar). Swedish House of Finance session hosted by Bo Becker (Stockholm School of Economics). Moderators included: Per Strömberg (Stockholm School of Economics) and Bo Becker (Stockholm School of Economics). Speakers included: Johan Giesecke (Karolinska Institute, Public Health Agency of Sweden, ECDC), Anna Kinberg Batra (Moderate Party of Sweden), Liv Forhaug (Martin & Servera Group), Martin Linder (Unionen), Petra Hedengran (Investor AB) and Per Krusell (Institute for International Economic Studies, IIES, Stockholm University). To watch the full webinar or to learn more information visit: /content/covid-19-crisis-and-its-aftermath-corporate-governance-implications-and-policy-challenges#!event-about

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