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Giacinta Cestone is an Associate Professor of Finance at Bayes Business School (formerly Cass). She has a PhD in Economics from the University of Toulouse, and has previously held research and teaching positions at the Institute for Economic Analysis in Barcelona, the University of Salerno, and Queen Mary, University of London.

Giacinta’s research interests are in the areas of Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Organization Economics and Industrial Organisation. She has published in the Journal of Financial Economics, the Review of Finance, the Journal of Finance, the Rand Journal of Economics, and the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy.

In her research Giacinta Cestone has investigated the interaction between corporate finance and product market competition. Her paper “The Deep Pocket Effect of Internal Capital Markets” provides empirical evidence that affiliation with a cash-rich group represents a source of competitive strength for manufacturing firms. Giacinta is currently working on a project analysing the interplay between internal capital and labour markets in business groups. Giacinta has also contributed to the literature on venture capital financing, and has studied the relationship between corporate social responsibility and corporate governance.

Giacinta is a member of the Economic Advisory Group on Competition Policy (DG Competition, European Commission), a research associate of the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) and a research fellow of CSEF.  

Research Interests

Corporate finance, Corporate governance, Industrial organisation, Contract theory

Working Papers

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