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April Klein is the KPMG Faculty Fellow and Professor in the  Accounting Department at the Stern School of Business at New York University.  She also holds the title of WBS Distinguished Research Environment Professor at the Warwick Business School. She is also the Director of the Vincent C. Ross Institute, a research center at the Stern School.  Her research focuses on corporate governance, hedge fund activism and trading, institutional ownership, and information acquisition.  Her latest research deals address issues relating to ESG, including cybersecurity, board diversity, and financial institutions’ influence on their investees’ ESG policies.


April Klein received her Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Business (now Booth) at the University of Chicago.  She joined NYU’s faculty in 1987, where she teaches classes in financial accounting, financial statement analysis, finance, and mergers and acquisitions at the Stern School of Business and at the NYU Law School.


She has also taught accounting, finance, and corporate governance classes at Columbia Law School, Baruch College, and Warwick Business School.


Currently, she is on the editorial and advisory board of The Contemporary Accounting Research and The Accounting Review. She has testified before the New Jersey Casino Commission, has been a member of the NADAQ Listing and Hearing Review Council, and assisted the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs on their report evaluating the SEC’s investigation of Enron.

Current Projects

Institutional Ownership and their influence on their investees' ESG
Foreign Institutional Ownership and their influence on the investees' tax planning
Hedge fund activism and CEO Pay

Research Interests

corporate governance
hedge fund activism
Institutional Ownership

Working Papers

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