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The University of Auckland is at the highest global rank the University has held since 2010, and maintains the University’s position as the top-ranked university in New Zealand.

The University of Auckland Business School offers outstanding academic staff, close ties with local and international business communities and exceptional additional learning opportunities. Our students gain the highest level of knowledge and business acumen and secure the skills they need to achieve in an increasingly challenging business environment.

The Business School hosts several research centres that focus on long-term projects of social, economic and academic relevance.

The Aotearoa Centre for Leadership and Governance

This is based at the University of Auckland Business School and integrates researchers from across both leadership and governance with the objective of progressing research and related activity in both domains alongside research and activity that connects the two.

A core driver of the centre is to build collaborative ventures in leadership and/or governance across the different faculties of the University but also with external leadership and governance stakeholders.

While the core focus of the centre will be on research activity, it will also play a prominent role in supporting leadership and governance education, leadership development (in close relationship with the Executive Education Programmes), University wide leadership and governance initiatives and external events and forums. 


  • Creating and disseminating cutting-edge inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinary research into leadership and/or governance.
  • Connecting cross-department, cross-faculty and cross-university researchers in leadership and governance research.
  • Seeking, crafting and assembling research and funding proposals for future leadership and governance research.
  • Hosting, designing, delivering and evaluating leadership and governance research mini-conferences, events, panels, and seminars for internal and external audiences.
  • Creating a hub or focal point for internal and external leadership and governance researchers, stakeholders and practitioners to engage with to seek research, learning opportunities, relationships and networks and resources.
  • Building faculty capacity for both leadership and governance research, education and development activity.  

Juncture - Inclusive Capitalism Centre

Juncture – Dialogues on Inclusive Capitalism brings faculty researchers together with industry and community to ask, ‘Can Capitalism be done differently?’ The Centre has a central role to play in Aotearoa’s transformation toward a more sustainable and inclusive economy, generating projects of global significance for the well-being of people and the planet.

The three critical pillars of the Centre – research, education and collaboration – are grounded in a distinctively Aotearoa New Zealand context, recognising the unique perspective that Te Ao Māori principles bring to the global transformation underway. Research themes include Reporting for sustainable business, Economics of well-being, The Future of the Company, Indigenous Economic Futures, Impact Enterprise and Impact Capital, and Inclusive and Sustainable Management and Governance.


  • To enable and promote accessible, business-relevant research to accelerate the evolution to a more inclusive and sustainable society.
  • To provide a platform for collaboration between academia and the ecosystem of actors that will drive our economy towards a sustainable and inclusive future
  • To offer access to a variety of business-relevant courses and programmes, providing individuals and organisations with a clear pathway to achieving meaningful change within their space
  • To host Public events and workshops.
  • To engage in public commentary on contemporary issues at the intersection of the economy, society, and the natural world.
  • To contribute to applied research projects tackling pressing sustainability issues in business or government departments.
  • To support trans-disciplinary ‘blue sky’ research programmes.

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Our Team

Susan Watson

Dean, University of Auckland Business School, Professor of Law, University of Auckland Faculty of Law
University of Auckland
Research Member

Charl de Villiers

Professor of Accounting and Finance
University of Auckland
Representative Member

Lynn Buckley

Lecturer in Commercial Law
University of Auckland
Representative Member
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