Become a member of ECGI

Become a member of ECGI

The European Corporate Governance Institute is the home for all those who have an active interest and involvement in corporate governance. There are six categories of membership as follows:


















    Applicants must commit to abide by the Institute's Articles of Association and should furnish, upon request and under clearly defined conditions of confidentiality, sufficient information to verify the membership class. Members and users of the ECGI website are deemed to consent to ECGI's Privacy Policy.

    The ECGI is not responsible for, nor does it screen or certify, the corporate governance policies or practices of its members. Membership of ECGI therefore should not be regarded or used as a sign or certification of corporate governance quality. Only (appointed) ECGI Research Members and Fellows are entitled to use the ECGI affiliation.

    Anyone who wishes to apply for membership of the Institute can do so, using one of the online application forms on this site.

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    All applications will be considered by the Institute's Membership Committee. In the event that this Committee denies membership to an applicant who has already paid a subscription online, it will be refunded immediately. The membership fee covers a period of a year from the date at which the membership subscription payment is received. 

    Prices exclude VAT which is charged at 21% (Belgium) where applicable.

    For queries, please contact: 

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