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This code was produced by: The Irish Stock Exchange

Euronext Dublin recognises that the UK Corporate Governance Code (formerly the Combined Code) has set the standard for corporate governance internationally. It is regarded as being the pre-eminent corporate governance code and is widely emulated.
Since the 1995 Irish Stock Exchange Act, the Listing Rules of Euronext Dublin have required every company listed on Euronext Dublin to state in its annual report how the principles of the Combined Code have been applied and whether the company has
complied with all relevant provisions. Where a company has not complied with all relevant provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code (the ‘UK Code’) it is required to set out the nature, extent and reasons for non-compliance. Although it is more for
the market to comment on the adequacy of the disclosures that companies make, as noted in the report commissioned by Euronext Dublin and IAIM in early 2010, companies could do more to enhance the quality and meaningfulness of the corporate governance disclosures in the Annual Reports.

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