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This report represents one of the most ambitious attempts to look at SOE governance the Baltic region. It is unique in its focus, its level of detail and also in the breadth of its analysis. It is composed of five components:
1) Public perceptions covers the public’s perceptions of the state’s performance in governing SOEs, and the public’s perceptions of SOEs themselves.
2) Governance rankings identify those SOEs in the Baltic region that have the best and worst governance practices, and highlight both strengths and areas that require attention and improvement.
3) Board structure and composition illustrates the board structures found, shows the individuals who govern SOEs on the state’s behalf, and reveals inter-locking boards, potential conflicts of interest and board capacity problems.
4) The legal framework analysis looks at the legal framework in the individual Baltic States, identifies where there are gaps with best practice, and gaps in implementing the legal framework.
5) The Appendices include a significant amount of valuable additional data. In particular, they include public perceptions of the governance of individual SOEs, information on the backgrounds of board members, and a detailed analysis of the legal framework for SOE governance in each of the Baltic countries.

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