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ECGI Network

ECGI is the home for all those who have an active interest and involvement in corporate governance, ESG, and stewardship. It is a meeting place, both online and in-person, for academics, business people, and policymakers at all levels of seniority and geographic location. We welcome you warmly.

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ECGI is a vibrant network of governance experts. Listen to what some of them say about being part of the ECGI community.

How can I apply to become a member?

You can apply directly here using our easy application form. If you would like more information about the categories of membership and associated benefits, you can visit our becoming a member page.

Do I need to be nominated to become a member?

No. It is possible to apply for each category without being nominated. However, there is a difference between academic membership and research membership. You can sign up for academic membership today, but applications for research membership are only received every two years. Learn more about the differences in membership categories here.

How can I reinstate my lapsed membership?

We are happy to help you to reactivate your membership. Please send a request by email to

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Diversity at ECGI

Not everyone has the same opportunities in the practice and study of corporate governance. As a global network with European origins, ECGI is striving to make the field more accessible and the practice more common for people of all backgrounds. We would like to do more. Please think about supporting us on this journey.

"I am impressed by the recent range of activities and the depth of dialogue and analysis". "ECGI provides an opportunity to meet very interesting people and to be at the pulse of global corporate governance research".

"ECGI allows me to stay connected to a global network of academics and professionals in corporate governance and related fields. The Institute facilitates access to to leading research from scholars in finance, accounting, and law, among other disciplines. I particularly value the Institute's communications on new academic papers, professional announcements and its events on corporate governance and finance topics".

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