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Sarah is an attorney from Italy. She holds a law degree and a Ph.D. in Legal Studies from the University of Bologna. She studied at Duke University School of Law and the University of London’s Institute of Advanced Legal Studies as a Visiting Scholar. She recently graduated with an LL.M. from NYU School of Law, where she was awarded the Hauser Global Scholarship.

Before moving to the USA, Sarah worked as an attorney for a leading Italian law firm, specializing in the criminal defense of corporations that took part in some of the most important corporate crime cases that occurred in Italy in the last two decades (e.g., Parmalat, Cirio, and Marcegaglia). She also served as a member of the Compliance Board for BPER Factor, a finance company that is part of the BPER Group (the third-largest bank group in Italy).

After receiving her LLM from NYU, she joined the International Monetary Fund as a research fellow with the Governance and Anticorruption Unit and the Financial Integrity Group. She is still collaborating with the Fund to co-author a paper analyzing the macroeconomic impacts of corporate criminal liability.

Her fields of interest are white-collar crime (with a particular focus on corruption and money laundering), corporate law, and finance (including FinTech law and the legal challenges associated with virtual currency).

Sarah is a member of the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) and a fellow of the University of London’s Society for Advanced Legal Studies.

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