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Ryan Bubb joined the NYU School of Law faculty in 2010. He was formerly a senior researcher at the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, created by Congress to examine the causes of the financial crisis, and a policy analyst at the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Office of Management and Budget. Since joining the NYU faculty, he has held visiting professor, visiting scholar, or visiting fellow positions at Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School, U.C. Berkeley School of Law, the University of Chicago School of Law, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. 

Professor Bubb teaches courses in corporate and securities law and in law and economics. In 2014 the Law School awarded him the Podell Distinguished Teaching Award.


Professor Bubb has published over a dozen articles in peer-reviewed economics journals and law reviews on a range of topics applying economic analysis to law. His work includes an econometric analysis of the effect of mortgage securitization on mortgage underwriting, published in the Journal of Monetary Economics, and a legal and economic analysis of the reforms to the mortgage market adopted following the financial crisis of 2007 to 2008, published in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review. 


Bubb received his B.S. in physics from the College of William and Mary in 1998. After graduating with a J.D. from Yale Law School and an M.A. in economics from Yale University in 2005, he began doctoral work in the department of economics at Harvard University, where he received his Ph.D. in 2011.

Research Interests

Corporate Governance, Contracts, Financial Institutions, Law and Economics, Regulatory Policy

Working Papers

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