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Manne Airaksinen gained his LLM at Helsinki and continued with his post graduate studies at the Helsinki Business School and doctoral studies at the University of Helsinki.

He was in private business from 1990 to 1992; at the University of Helsinki in 1993; the Ministry of Justice from 1993 to 2005. He was also with the Confederation of Finnish Industries.

Whilst with the Ministry of Justice he took part in all company law work that took place within the EU and OECD between 1995-2005. He was a member of the Company Law Expert Group and still is a member of OECD corporate governance steering group. At present, he is a member of UNICE company law group as well as legal affairs committee. He is also a member of otherwise professorial Nordic company law network.

In Finland, he was in charge of Company Law reform and he is at present busy lecturing and writing about the new act (entering into force 1.9.2006 and by far the most modern in Europe). He has written several company law commentaries in Finnish as well as numerous articles. There is a short article in English forthcoming in the Ã…rhus Nordic Company Law Conference 2005 book (Sweet and Maxwell).

He is also writing his PhD thesis for the University of Helsinki: the provisional title is "Modern Company Law for Europe".

At present he is a member of two smallcap OMX listed companies and has experience in arbitration and acts as a legal consultant.

The Confederation of Finnish Industries EK, is one of the owners of the Finnish Corporate Governance Code, last updated in 2004, and, whilst with the confederastion, Manne Airaksinen was responsible for the code within this organisation. Furthermore, he is a member of a working group set up by three private bodies drafting a takeover code for the Finnish markets.

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