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and employment

• 2002- Zurack Professor of Finance and Economics, SUNY Binghamton.

• 1997-2002 Professor, Norwegian School of Management.

• 1996 (fall) Visiting Associate Professor, University of

• 1995-1996 Visiting Associate Professor, Indiana University.

• 1993-1995 Visiting Associate Professor, Carnegie-Mellon

• 1989 (fall) Visiting Scholar, University of Michigan.

• 1988-1993 Assistant Professor, Stockholm School of Economics.

• 1987-1988 Post-Doctorate Fellow, Northwestern University.

• 1984-1987 Ph.D., Stockholm School of Economics.

• 1980-1983 Civilekonom, Stockholm School of Economics.


• Guest Editor for the European Finance Review and Chairman
of the EFA 2002 Symposium ”Taxation and Financial Markets”
(with Bjarne Astrup Jensen).

• Associate Editor of the Emerging Markets Review (since
2000) and the Journal of Banking and Finance (since 2001).

• CEPR fellow (since 2000).

• Member of the program committee for European Finance Association
(since 1997), Western Finance Association (since 1998), European
Financial Management Association (2002), and European Economic
Association (2002).

Research Interests

Auctions, Tax arbitrage, Proxy voting

Working Papers

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