Predicting Firms' Corporate Governance Choices: Evidence from Korea

Predicting Firms' Corporate Governance Choices: Evidence from Korea

Bernard Black, Hasung Jang, Woochan Kim

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April 01 2005

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November 20 2018
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  • Korea • 
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  • law and finance

In a companion paper, we report evidence that a broad corporate governance index predicts higher share prices for Korean firms. Bernard Black, Hasung Jang and Woochan Kim, Does Corporate Governance Affect Firms' Market Values?

Evidence from Korea, 22 Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 366-413 (2006), nearly final version at

For our related, subsequent work with panel data on Korean governance, see:

Bernard Black and Woochan Kim, The Effect of Board Structure on Firm Value: A Multiple Identification Strategy Approach Using Korean Data (working paper 2008), (identification of board structure reforms with an increase in firm market value).

Bernard Black, Woochan Kim, Hasung Jang and Kyung-Suh Park, How Corporate Governance Affects Firm Value: Evidence on Channels from Korea (working paper 2008), (channels through which governance may affect firm value).

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Journal of Corporate Finance
Vol. 12, pp. 660-691, 2006


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