Comparative Corporate Insolvency Law

Comparative Corporate Insolvency Law

Horst Eidenmüller

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July 01 2016

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November 07 2023
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  • insolvency • 
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  • Corporations • 
  • Corporate Insolvency Law • 
  • Corporate Bankruptcy Law • 
  • comparative law • 
  • Insolvency Governance

This chapter deals with fundamental issues of corporate insolvency law. Particular attention is paid to the agency problems related to “bankruptcy governance” and how these are addressed in various jurisdictions. Methodologically, the chapter is based on a functional approach that compares different legal regimes against the yardstick of economic efficiency.

The structure of the chapter follows the issues as they arise in time in a corporate insolvency proceeding: objectives of insolvency laws, opening and governance of proceedings, ranking of claims and the position of secured creditors and shareholders, and rescue proceedings. The chapter also covers the contractual resolution of financial distress. It concludes with thoughts on the reasons for the identified jurisdictional divergences and an outlook on the worldwide efforts towards harmonization of (corporate) insolvency laws. In terms of jurisdictions, the chapter mainly draws on the corporate insolvency laws in the US, England, France and Germany.