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ECGI has a vast library of over 2,000 academic papers, 635 corporate governance and stewardship codes, videos, blog posts, and reports. These resources are available free of charge for the public good and we welcome you to use them to further your own work and to make a difference.

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Working Papers

The ECGI Working Paper series is a repository of academic research papers produced by ECGI Research members consisting of highly qualified and renowned academics from across the globe. The series is managed by a team of ECGI Editors and the papers focus on corporate governance topics in both Law and Finance fields. 

Videos & interviews

If you prefer listening to someone explain their work or share their expertise in person, visit our video section which contains over 375 recordings of lectures, interviews and panel discussions.


ECGI Research Members also publish an array of books that are used for courses and professional development. A list of these books is available our website, in chronological order, by newest first.

In the News

ECGI research often features across a spectrum of global media. Find a selection in our news section along with news and announcements from ECGI. These include the appointment of new members, fellows, board members, prizes, and more.

The ECGI Blog

The ECGI Blog is a global voice on corporate governance and stewardship topics, providing comment and analysis from the ECGI network. It focuses on selected themes with global interest, seeking to identify audiences that may be underserved by other platforms.


Read past newsletters and subscribe to receive the latest to your inbox. Our monthly Infocus newsletter reflects on Responsible Capitalism and the issues that are entangled in the concept. The Blog newsletters highlight comment and opinion from the network and our round-up newsletters help you to keep up with ECGI news.

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