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Read past newsletters and subscribe to receive the latest to your inbox. Our monthly Infocus newsletter reflects on Responsible Capitalism and the issues that are entangled in the concept. The Blog newsletters highlight comment and opinion from the network and our round-up newsletters help you to keep up with ECGI news.

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ECGI Newsletters are a great way to showcase voices from the network. Our members and staff writers share their opinion and insight while all the time focusing on the available research.  

In Focus Newsletter

Marleen Och explores the evidence and complexities associated with the concept of responsible capitalism.

ECGI Member's Debrief

A convenient digest of insightful takeaways from new research and a comprehensive roundup of the month's market, regulatory & policy developments, tailored specifically for our members working in practice and policy.

The ECGI Blog

The ECGI Blog newsletter shares collections of articles on governance themes, highlighting research and opinions from the network.

The ECGI Blog Review

The ECGI Blog Review is a periodical magazine style collection of blog articles on specific governance themes.

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