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The new website platform was built around three foundational truths: ECGI is a global network. It is a public good. It is committed to improving corporate governance and investor stewardship.

ECGI’s research scope, network and publicly available resources have expanded significantly in recent years. Technology also advances quickly and we were advised to undertake improvements. We partnered with Annertech, an award-winning Irish digital design agency, experienced in creating new digital platforms for public bodies such as the National Library of Ireland, NGO’s such as Oxfam, and local and central government bodies across the UK and Ireland.

Changing times

There were many good reasons to embark on this project. When ECGI was established, it had a small cohort of members who shared their papers and occasional announcements on the website. The internet was in its infancy, websites were rudimentary, and corporate governance as a field of study was a lot narrower than it is today. By the standards of the time, the ECGI website was impressive, incorporating a member database and a connected invoicing system. But by 2016, ECGI had over 600 members, websites were far more sophisticated, and corporate governance was broadening to include investor stewardship and many related topics.

A new website in 2017 transformed ECGI’s operations and our ability to publish content faster and share news about our research members’ events and activities around the world. More and more people began using ECGI research and attending conferences. The subsequent evolution of ESG as an aspect of corporate governance research and the pressing urgency of social and environmental change led increased volumes of people of all backgrounds towards ECGI’s legal and financial studies on governance, ESG and stewardship. It soon became apparent to us, with now more than 8,500 subscribers and 4,000 monthly website users, that it was time to improve once more how ECGI provides access to its vast resources.
The 2024 website is now live at We will continue to tweak and add to it over the coming weeks but we also welcome your feedback. We invite you to visit the website and take a moment to review your profile for any updates that you may wish to make. Members can do this by logging in and utilising the “Edit” button at the top left of their profile page on arrival. We are standing by to help if needed at:

Thank you for joining us on this journey and we hope that the website will facilitate easier access to the latest research for many years to come!
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Project Details

The website has many types of inter-connected mixed-media content and different user categories depending on appointments and membership designations.

  • Over 40,000 digital items were migrated from the old ECGI website.
  • This included over 6,000 pages, over 16,000 media items, and over 3,800 people.
  • The Google Lighthouse Performance Score has increased from 63% to 99%.
  • Fully loaded time has reduced from 2.3 seconds to 1 second

ECGI has partnered with Annertech, Ireland’s leading open-source digital agency. It was founded in 2008, and has grown to become the “go to” Drupal experts in Ireland. Today the company works with a range of clients in both the private and public sectors. In 2024 Annertech won two Spider Awards (including the coveted Grand Prix award), a PTSB National Digital Award and a Digital Media Award.

"ECGI is such an important resource, and its research and activities on corporate governance are invaluable – not only to the European community but around the world. We are honoured to have worked on this website, and hope that we have given the ECGI a beautiful new platform to showcase its incredible work."

Sean O'Connell, Project Manager, Annertech

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