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International academics from the world’s leading universities arrived in Tokyo in June to take part in the 2017 Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC) conference.


The event, hosted by the University of Tokyo and organised by the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI), took place at the International Research Center at the University of Tokyo and was attended by more than 75 senior academics from a range of disciplines including Finance, Law, and Economics with the aim of sharing corporate governance knowledge on important topics such as Ownership, Environmental Engagement, Takeover Defenses, Corporate Inversions, Stewardship Codes and many more. In addition to the sharing of knowledge and current research, the GCGC conference series inspires new thought and important avenues of future research.


The two-day conference programme also included panel discussions with invited business professionals and academics on topics of current importance. Taking part in a panel discussion on ‘Stewardship Codes’ were Yasumasa Tahara, Financial Services Agency of Japan, Guy Jubb, former Global Head of Governance & Stewardship, Standard Life Investments and Ronald J. Gilson, Stanford Law, Columbia Law.


Speaking on the second day panel on ‘The Changing Structure of Ownership’ were Elisabeth Bechtold, Zurich Insurance Group, Tobias Tröger, Goethe University Research Center SAFE, Curtis Milhaupt, Columbia Law School, and Yupana Wiwattanakantang, NUS Business School, Singapore.


The GCGC conference series, which facilitates this best-in-class discussion forum, is an initiative supported by twelve universities (Harvard, Oxford, Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfurt, Swedish House of Finance, London Business School, Columbia, Yale, Peking, Seoul, Stanford) together with a select group of corporate entities (Zurich AG, the European Investment Bank, Japan Exchange). The inaugural conference for the series took place in Stanford University in 2015 and last year it was held in Stockholm, Sweden.


Speaking at the event in Tokyo, Professor Hideki Kanda, GCGC Conference Chair, and Emeritus Professor, University of Tokyo said,

It is an honour to host such an important conference with such distinguished guests in Tokyo this year. It is also a wonderful opportunity to show international scholars from Europe, the United States and Asia how well Tokyo can facilitate high-level international gatherings of this nature”. 


The Global Corporate Governance Colloquia will continue next year at Harvard University and highlights from this year’s event will be made available on . The full programme and speaker line-up for the 2017 event is available on the same website:


Hosts by year:


2015 – Stanford University, USA

2016 – Swedish House of Finance, Sweden

2017 – University of Tokyo, Japan

2018 – Harvard University, USA

2019 – Frankfurt University, Germany

2020 – Seoul University, South Korea

2021 – Yale University, USA

2022 – London Business School, UK

2023 – Peking University, China

2024 – Columbia University, USA

2025 – Oxford University, UK

2026 – National University of Singapore




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