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Our Members

Networks are made interesting by the people who join them. The ECGI network is made up of people from different disciplines and expertise. What they have in common is an interest in good corporate governance and stewardship.

  • Hse-Yu Iris Chiu

    Professor of Corporate Law and Financial Regulation
    University College London - Faculty of Laws
    Research Member
  • Albert H. Choi

    Paul G. Kauper Professor of Law
    University of Michigan
    Research Member
  • Stephen Choi

    Bernard Petrie Professor of Law and Business
    New York University Law School
    Research Member
  • Stijn Claessens

    Head of Financial Stability Policy
    Bank for International Settlements
    Research Member
  • John Coates

    John F. Cogan, Jr. Professor of Law and Economics, Research Director, Center on the Legal Profession
    Harvard Law School / Harvard Business School
    Fellow, Research Member
  • John Coffee

    Adolf A. Berle Professor of Law
    Columbia Law School
    Fellow, Research Member
  • Alma Cohen

    Professor of Empirical Practice
    Harvard Law School
    Research Member
  • Pierre-Henri Conac

    Professor of Commercial and Company Law
    Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, University of Luxembourg
    Research Member
  • Francesca Cornelli

    Professor of Finance and Director of Private Equity
    London Business School
    Fellow, Research Member
  • Martijn Cremers

    Bernard J. Hank Professor of Finance
    University of Notre Dame
    Research Member
  • Douglas Cumming

    DeSantis Distinguished Professor
    Florida Atlantic University
    Research Member
  • Vicente Cuñat

    Associate Professor
    Department of Finance, London School of Economics
    Research Member
  • Quinn Curtis

    The Honorable Albert V. Bryan Jr. ’50 Research Professor of Law, University of Virginia School of Law
    University of Virginia School of Law
    Research Member
  • Claudia Custodio

    Associate Professor of Finance
    Imperial College Business School
    Research Member
  • Marco Da Rin

    Associate Professor of Finance
    Tilburg University
    Research Member
  • Robert Daines

    Pritzker Professor of Law and Business
    Stanford Law School
    Research Member
  • Jens Dammann

    Professor in Law
    The University of Texas School of Law
    Research Member
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