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Rafael Repullo is Professor of Economics and Director of the Centre for Monetary and Financial Studies (CEMFI) in Madrid, Spain. He holds a PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics (LSE), and has worked in the Department of Economics of the LSE and the Research Department of the Banco de EspaƱa. He is currently Executive Vice-President of the Econometric Society and Member of the Council of the European Economic Association. He is also Fellow of the Econometric Society and of the European Economic Association, Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), and Founding Member of the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI).

He has been a Houblon-Norman Fellow at the Bank of England, and has held visiting appointments at the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the London School of Economics, and the Universities of Tel Aviv, Princeton and Pennsylvania. He has been Member of the Executive Committee and Co-Director of the Financial Economics Programme of the CEPR. He is currently Associate Editor of the International Journal of Central Banking and the Journal of the European Economic Association, and Advisory Editor of the Journal of Banking and Finance.

His recent research is in the areas of banking and finance, where he has worked on topics such as venture capital, market liquidity and shareholder activism, insider trading, takeovers of foreign banks, bank behaviour and the lender of last resort, policies for banking crises, capital requirements and risk-taking in banking, and the new regulation of bank capital (Basel II).

Research Interests

Banking theory and regulation, Corporate finance, Monetary economics, Theory of incentives and information
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