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Special Advisor to the CEO of the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium

Honorary Secretary General and Member of the Board of the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium

President of the Brussels School of Competition

Vice-President of CEPANI, the Belgian Centre for Mediation and Arbitration

Professor UCLouvain (Financial Law and Corporate Governance)

President of CRIDES UCLouvain

Member of the High Council of Justice


September 2003- August 2021

Secretary General and Board Member of the Federation of Enterpreises in Belgium

January 2000 - August 2003

Deputy director of the Banking and Finance Commission, now Financial Services and Markets Authority, in charge of the Financial Information Service within the Financial Information and Financial Markets Control Department. Many contacts at European level regarding the regulation of the financial sector. 16 March 1989

31 December 1999:

• Legal expert in the General and Legal Research Service at the Banking and Finance Commission. Intensive practice of Banking and Financial Law and Company Law, both as an in-house consultant and as an expert. September 1985 - 15 March 1989:

• Attorney at Law with the legal firm of Simont & Simont (which subsequently changed its name to Stibbe), currently located at the Central Plaza, Rue Loxum 25, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.


Professor at the Faculty of Law of the Université catholique de Louvain (Financial Markets Regulations - Coordinator of the Bank and Finance programme)

Professor at the Louvain School of Management (European Corporate Governance – Minor in entrepreneurship)

Assistant Professor at University of Luxembourg


President of the Brussels School of Competition

Vice President of Cepani

Member of ICC Belgium 

President of the CRIDES Jean Renauld (UCL)

Member of the Editorial Board of the RPS-TRV 

Member and Past President of businesseurope's Legal Affairs Committee

Member of the Advisory Board and of the Academic Council of Guberna

Member of the Board of Le Prieuré Sainte-Marie * Member of the Board of Women on Board

Speaker at numerous conferences and seminars on banking, financial, commercial, tax and company law


Honest, enthusiast, humanist, professional, critic, open-minded, interested in society and its economic, social and legal framework *


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