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Professor Chin’s research focuses on the influences of psychological and socio-political factors on the antecedents and consequences of corporate governance. His current research examines how the political ideologies of top executives, including CEOs and boards of directors, impact the executive compensation structure, as well as the efficacy of corporate governance practices.

Areas of Expertise

Behavioral Strategy, Strategic Leadership, Corporate Governance, Stakeholder Theory, Values and Political Ideologies of Top Executives

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D. in Management, The Pennsylvania State University, 2014
  • M.S. in Strategy and International Business, Seoul National University, 2009
  • B.A. in Economics, Seoul National University, 2006

Professional Experience

  • Editorial Review Board, Strategic Management Journal, 2019-
  • Editorial Review Board, Administrative Science Quarterly, 2020-
  • Editorial Review Board, Academy of Management Journal, 2021-
  • Editorial Review Board, Organization Science, 2021-

Selected Publications

  • Chin, M. K., Zhang, S. X., Jahanshahi, A. A., & Nadkarni, S. (2021). Unpacking Political Ideology: CEO Social and Economic Ideologies, Strategic Decision-making Processes, and Corporate Entrepreneurship. Academy of Management Journal64(4), 1213–1235. View Full Text
  • Semadeni, M., Chin, M. K., & Krause, R. (2021). Pumping the Brakes: Examining the Impact of CEO Political Ideology Divergence on Firm Responses. Academy of Management Journal, in press. View Full Text
  • Chin, M. K. (2018). Political Ideology in Organizations. In Oxford Bibliographies in Management, Ed. Ricky Griffin, New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Chin, M. K., Zhang, S. X., Jahanshahi, A. A., & Nadkarni, S. (2018). The Effect of Two Dimensions of CEO Political Ideology on TMT Decision-making Process and Corporate Entrepreneurship.  Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.
  • Chin, M.K., & Semadeni, M. (2017). CEO Political Ideologies and Pay Egalitarianism within Top Management Teams. Strategic Management Journal38(8), 1608-1625.
  • Chin, M.K., & Semadeni, M. (2015). CEO Political Ideologies and Pay Egalitarianism within Top Management Teams. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.
  • Briscoe, F., Chin, M.K., & Hambrick, D.C. (2014). CEO Ideology as an Element of the Corporate Opportunity Structure for Social Activists. Academy of Management Journal, 57(6), 1786-1809.
  • Chin, M.K., Hambrick, D.C., & Trevino, L.K., (2013). Political Ideologies of CEOs: The Influence of Executives’ Values on Corporate Social Responsibility. Administrative Science Quarterly58(2), 197-232.
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