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David Cabrelli joined the School of Law at the University of Edinburgh in June 2007 having lectured at the University of Dundee for four years. Prior to being appointed a lecturer, David practised commercial law and corporate law as a qualified solicitor in the UK for six years. David's teaching and research interests lie in the fields of commercial law, company law, labour law and private law. He has published papers in a number of academic and practitioner journals in the field of company law and commercial law, together with a book on the Scots law of commercial agreements and student textbooks on employment law (now in its second edition) and Scots commercial law.

At present, David is currently involved in a number of research projects. In conjunction with Professor Mathias Siems of the University of Durham, UK, David is in the process of preparing the 2nd edition of 'Comparative Company Law: A Case-Based Approach' which is a project involving the co-ordination of company law scholars from various jurisdictions. An examination of specific hypothetical cases in company law will be conducted, together with an assessment of how 12 different jurisdictions (Delaware, USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Finland, the Netherlands, South Africa, Latvia and Japan) would solve and treat each of these cases. For example, topics related to directors’ liability and shareholder duties will be analysed in order to understand how hypothetical cases would be solved in different countries. The general aim of the project is to identify whether conceptual differences between countries exist and whether formal or functional convergence in the field of company law is likely or unlikely to materialize. The project also has a public policy dimension since the existence or absence of differences between jurisdictions matters for the question of whether formal harmonisation of company law in the EU, or further afield, is necessary.

David is the Programme Director for the Commercial Law LLM at the University of Edinburgh. The Commercial Law LLM offers a number of specialised Commercial Law courses and further details are available at

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