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Sonae is a multinational corporation managing a wide portfolio of companies, creating value across several geographic areas, with a solid culture and highly-developed ability to innovate and execute its actions, taking the benefits of progress to an ever-increasing number of people.

Our mission is to create long-term economic and social value, taking the benefits of progress and innovation to an ever-increasing number of people.

We are a multinational group with solid roots and a constant drive towards progress. Our culture, how we conduct ourselves in life and in business is what bonds us and makes us special, in any business or geographic area.

The values we share, which can be found in our origins and in our DNA, are a legacy for the future and the way we create long-term economic value.
We face each day as a fresh new beginning for new opportunities, new challenges and new triumphs.

Our approach to life and business is guided by the body of values and principles we call OUR WAY:

Trust and Integrity - We are committed to creating economic value in the medium and long term, built on relationships founded on integrity and trust.

People at the centre of our success - Setting constant challenges and being open to change are crucial in attracting ambitious people. Our people are a determining factor in the markets where we operate and, for that reason, we invest in developing their capabilities and skills, and thereby further enriching our culture.

Ambition - Ambition is born from continuously establishing goals which will test our limits.Ambition drives our determination and keeps us dissatisfied  with the status quo, forcing us to go beyond our past successes.

Innovation - Innovation is at the heart of our businesses. Innovation involves risks, but we are aware of the importance of identifying and managing these risks, so as to maintain them within reasonable  limits. We know that only by innovating can we grow sustainably.

Social Responsibility - We have an active sense of social responsibility, and try to contribute to improving the communities within which we operate. Our behaviour takes into account the most recent  environmental concerns and sustainable development policies.

Frugality and Efficiency - We aim to optimise the use of resources and maximise their return, seeking cost efficiency, and avoiding any waste or extravagance. As a priority, we focus on achieving operating efficiency, promoting healthy competition, and delivering high  impact projects.

Cooperation and Independence - We are willing and ready to cooperate with central and local governments, in order to improve regulatory, legal and social frameworks, and to ensure the best solutions for the communities within which we operate, but we also take care to maintain our independence in relation to all such entities.

The numerous distinctions Sonae has been awarded in the areas of sustainability, efficiency and innovation are more than a celebration of the work carried out by its employees: they are an incentive for the future.

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