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For forty years, Oxera has been advising companies, policymakers, regulators and lawyers on economic issues connected with competition, finance or regulation while gathering deep and wide-ranging knowledge.


Oxera advises companies, policymakers, regulators and lawyers on any economic issue connected with competition, finance or regulation. It has a reputation for credibility and integrity among those they advise, and among key decision-makers, such as policymakers, regulators and courts. They have offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, London, Milan, Oxford, Paris and Rome, and are able to advise international clients in a highly flexible way, including providing advice in several other languages.

Oxera goes beyond rigorous analysis to argue each case based on a depth of quality thinking, an inherently innovative approach, deep and wide contextual understanding, and a direct presentation style.

Quality thinking


  • Always seek to add something to current thinking
  • Different ways of looking at the same problem
  • Set new standards and approaches to analysis which others follow
  • Leadership respected for moving thinking on


  • Understand the bigger picture
  • Internal and external politics
  • Psychology of individuals
  • Macro and microeconomics around the issue


  • Direct
  • Concise
  • ‘This is how it is’ conviction

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Our Team

Callum Watling

Member of Competition, Regulation & Market Design and Financial Services team
Oxera Consulting LLP
Representative Member
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