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Established in 1921, the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania is the representative organisation of the accountancy profession in Romania, non-profit and of public interest, with a remarkable evolution at the national level, being represented in all 42 counties of our country by means of territorial branches.

Along its extraordinary history, CECCAR had several development stages during the inter-war period, the communist period and the post-revolutionary period. As concerns the post-revolutionary period, other three stages can be distinguished: “rebirth and childhood” during 1990 – 1999 and “workmanship of the accountancy profession” during 2000 – 2009, starting with 2010 the Body entered the “maturity period” characterized by reforms in all fields of the profession, through consolidation of the liberal accountancy profession and final assignation of the place and role of CECCAR within the Romanian economy and the European and international accountancy profession.

International cooperation was and remains the key of the successes achieved by CECCAR, which based upon application of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) standards, directives and recommendations of the European Commission and directions established by the manager of the accou7ntancy profession at the European Union level, Accountancy Europe (former FEE).

The Body supports and promotes high quality professional practices through special concern for the competence, aptitudes and ethics of those involved in the profession. Due to its fundamental commandments, CECCAR provides quality assurance of the services supplied by its members, guarantees initial education and continuous development of the professional accountants, oversees knowledge and application of ethics and the deontological conduct of the professional accountants.

By the activities it carries out, the Body encourages professional accountants to observe the moral values required for this profession, monitors that Romanian professional accountants, through the services they provide, always meet market requirements, business environment requirements and public interest.

The Central Managing Boards of the Body are the following:

National Conference of the Expert and Licensed Accountants
Superior Council of the Body
Standing Board of the Superior Council
President of the Superior Council and
General Executive Director

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