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IESE Center for Corporate Governance, the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) and the European Corporate Governance Research Foundation (ECGRF), together bring senior academics and thought-leaders in business to discuss the various topics through events, conferences, webinars and much more.

Listed below are the events in collaboration:

  • Boards of Directors and Corporate Strategy in an Uncertain Context: The 2021 IESE-ECGI Corporate Governance Conference aims to discuss various issues from a cross-disciplinary approach. The conference will take place October 4-5, 2021. There will be five sessions where a distinguished scholar will present a paper, followed by a discussant. There will also be two sessions with CEOs and chair persons to discuss the practical implications of boards’ involvement in these strategic issues.
  • Corporate Governance And Ownership With Diverse Shareholders: The Conference from 25-26 October 2019, offered a context to reflect upon and better understand how the different nature of shareholders have an impact on the way companies are governed and managed, and, eventually, on some key decisions – like board composition, board dynamics, CEO hiring and firing, strategy making and incentives design- that define corporate governance.
  • ECGI Annual Members’ Meeting 2019: The 2019 ECGI Annual Members' Meeting took place at IESE Business School, Barcelona on 24 October 2019. 
  • Boards of Directors and Corporate Strategy in an Uncertain Context: This 2021 IESE-ECGI Corporate Governance Conference was held online from October 4-5, 2021 and discussed issues from a cross-disciplinary approach.
  • Corporate Governance, Corporate Culture and the Board’s Culture: The 2022 IESE-ECGI Corporate Governance Conference took place in Barcelona, on October 3, 2022, in person. This Conference discussed the role of corporate culture in corporate and  governance issues from the specific perspective of the board of directors as the top decision-maker in an organization with a cross-disciplinary approach.

Series Events

Organised by

Jordi Canals

Professor of Strategic Management
IESE Business School, University of Navarra
Academic Member

Marco Becht

Professor of Finance and the Goldschmidt Professor of Corporate Governance
Solvay Brussels School for Economics and Management, Université libre de Bruxelles
Fellow, Research Member
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